Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need a Website?
If you own a business, or sell a product or service, YES.
A website is your most cost effective way of communicating with your current and prospective customers. If you do any types of advertising, you should have a website to enhance your marketing efforts.

What if I need help editing my website?
Give us a call, or e-mail, we at BSE are here to help.

The BSE websites all look the same?
True, they all have the same framework, but can be enhanced by adding images, HTML or simply changing the style. The value of the BSE website is that it is easy to edit and navigate.
Why waste thousands of dollars on a custom look when content is what is important to your customers.
Your Customer is coming to your site to learn information about your product or services. Why make it difficult for them by cluttering up the site with splash pages, confusing navigation, small popup windows, slow plug-ins and slow loading images? Look at some of the worlds largest websites: Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Ebay. They all know that ease and simplicity is the secret to an effective website.

What can I do with my website?
List current job openings.

If you have multiple locations, list them all on your map page.

List special events that are happening at your location.

Publish pictures of your company or your customers.

List the history of your company.

List information that your customers would normally enquire about over the phone, thus saving them a phone call and you time.

Use it to sell your home.

Update your site at YOUR convenience.

What is the most important rule about a website?
If you do any kind of advertising, you should always print your website URL so your customers can find out more information about your company and services.

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