Tips to a User Friendly Site
Keep splash pages, flashy graphics, multiple colors to a minimum.
Unless you are a media company, the main purpose of your website is to display information and help your customers make some kind of decision. Typical website companies are more than happy to sell you on splash pages, expensive graphics, and special effects. Unfortunately these features often hinder the website's ability to display information, and can actually anger your customers by slowing down your site and making it difficult to navigate.

Avoid large frames because they limit the user's screen area, thus making it difficult for the user to view information you are trying to display.

Keep graphics small, use .JPG for photographs, .GIF for logos or where every pixel is important.

Remember, your website's primary goal should be to answer questions for the user and to help them make a decision. Think about what kind of information your users would want, then put it on your website.

Make sure you include your website URL in all your advertisements and marketing materials.

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