BSE Website Features
Home page.
Up to seven additional pages.
Navigable Map with driving directions.
Coupon page.
Enter to Win Fishbowl type contest.
The ability to insert "HTML"
Spell Checker
MetaTag Editor
Media Manager to insert images

How does this differ from traditional website?
There is no need to learn HTML, FTP, Front Page or any of those other technologies. If you can use Internet Explorer for the PC, you can update your own site.
The BSE site is designed to get you up and running as quick as possible, allow maximum edit-ability while conserving your dollar.

BSE sites have been engineered with YOUR CUSTOMER in mind. If someone is going to your site, they probably want information about your company or your products/services. Why frustrate your customers by slowing them down with large graphics, splash pages, awkward colors and confusing navigation. For over four years, BSE sites have evolved to make life easy for both the business and their customers.

BSE sites have 23 different styles to choose from. Best of all YOU can change the style of your site any time you wish:

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