Food / Lodging
Bona Casa Foods:
1.5 Miles due west of the airport on 21st street

Note: The following directions are in reference to the HWY 48 / Hwy 63 intersection which is in the middle of Cumberland.
To get to the Hwy 48 / Hwy 63 intersection:
?From Airport, follow 21st West for 1/2 mile.
?Take 8th Street North for 1.5 miles.
?Take Hwy 48 West for 1.8 miles, you will hit the 4-way stop and you are there.

Lakeside Pizza:
1 mile North on HWY 63 (West side of road)
715-822-5433 (Closed Mondays)

Burger King:
1.5 Miles West Hwy 48 (North side of road)

Southwest Corner of Hwy 63 & Hwy 48

Corner Bar and Cafe:
Northwest Corner of Hwy 63 & Hwy 48

Five OClock Club:
6 miles North on Hwy 63 (Look for sign on East side of HWY 63)

Cumberland Inn and Suites:
1.6 Miles West Hwy 48 (North side of road)

Island Inn (
3 Miles North on Hwy 63 (West side of road)

Please mention to the business that you received directions/information from the Island City Aero Club.

865 21st Ave
Cumberland, WI 54829

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