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We can get your site up and running in days, not weeks.

Edit the site without HTML knowledge.

Website Features include:
Navigable Maps.
Coupon Page.
Media Manager.
Spell Checker.
We at BSE want to help you overcome the two main obstacles typically facing the small-medium sized businesses trying to gain an Internet presence:
The cost of the initially creating and updating your website.
The time lag of trying to get your "webmaster" to update your site.

The traditional approach is to outsource website creation and maintenance. With this approach, fees can easily reach into thousands of dollars, and updates can only be done when your webmaster can get to it.

Another strategy is to hire a new employee as a designer/html programmer to create the site. Unfortunately this is not an economical approach for the smaller business.

There is a better way! With BSE, we will help you create a professional site and you can modify your site without programming or HTML knowledge. You simply log into the site with your Web Browser, follow the wizard and make changes to your site.

Complete Website packages including domain registration, setup, image creation, marketing tips, e-mail accounts and 12 months of hosting for less than $400.

Need addition features? BSE websites can work with many third party web features including Google Blogging, Google Calendars, Google Photos.
Example: Google blogging sample...

Google pictures (TNT Boat)...

We also do e-commerce, graphic intensive, multimedia sites. Prices can range from $1000 - $5,000 range.

Besides Websites, BSE also does custom programming,
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